[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#920708: fonts-b612 segfault and other problems with ufo2otf

Gürkan Myczko gurkan at phys.ethz.ch
Mon Jan 28 13:14:52 GMT 2019

Package: python-fontforge
Version: 1:20170731~dfsg-1
Severity: normal

Forwarding this to fontforge/python-fontforge:


I can indeed reproduce the crash.
It looks a bug in libfontforge2. (ufo2otf simply calls python-fontforge 
which in turn uses libfontforge2.)

I think you should report it to the fontforge package maintainers.


Le 28/01/2019 à 08:02, Alex Myczko a écrit :
Hi Pierre

I'm trying to package b612, however ufo2otf errors, to reproduce:
(from #debian-fonts)
08:00 < tarzeau> ufo2otf specialists here? i've got double frees and fea 
errors and segfaults
08:01 < tarzeau> 
(take this, uncomment debian/rules lines, run debuild)
any help welcome

gurkan at phys.ethz.ch

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