Bug#884436: xdg-open: wrongly handled file/URL in LXQt

Alf Gaida agaida at siduction.org
Mon Feb 26 17:07:55 UTC 2018

Control: severity -1 grave

It isn't funny anymore - freedesktop deliver a bug, there is a
longstanding report and a patch how to solve this situation. And all
what is done in Debian is to forward the same bug with the same solution
to the guys how don't react for ages???

This damn bug renders big parts of LXQt simply unusable - what should i
do with my upstream hat on if users ask what to do? I would like to
avoid answers like: "Oh, just use Ubuntu, they have fixed this themself?!"

Greetz Alf

PS: Sorry. if one don't find this exactly nice and polite, i'm more than
a bit pissed. This should not be the normal way to handle bugs.

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