Bug#896684: fontconfig-config errors: Maybe tightening the dependencies is an option?

Thomas Viehmann tv at beamnet.de
Thu Jul 19 07:39:02 BST 2018


So the original report experienced this - like me - with emacs.
I could also produce it with just running fc-cache.

Damien's hint is spot-on, thank you Damien!

I had a 2.13 fontconfig-config but 2.12 (lib)fontconfig:

ii  fontconfig                                     2.12.6-0.1 
        ii  fontconfig-config                              2.13.0-5 
                ii  libfontconfig1:amd64 
2.12.6-0.1                   ii  libfontconfig1-dev:amd64 

After upgrading everything to 2.13.0-5, the errors are gone.

Would it be an option to require the same (upstream?) version in the 
dependency on fontconfig on fontconfig-config. Clearly fontconfig may 
break if it get's a too new fontconfig-config.

Best regards


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