Bug#909841: fc-cache: failed to write cache

TS debts at xk2c.de
Sat Sep 29 18:52:31 BST 2018


Holger Schröder schrieb/wrote:
> There's something wrong with the last update to 2.13.1-1 anyway. I 
> currently have 14350 files under /var/cache/fontconfig = 7.5 GB. And it 
> is getting more and more.  Deleting the files doesn't help either, the 
> propagation starts all over again.

i do not have the same issue you reported.

# dum /var/cache/fontconfig/
2M      /var/cache/fontconfig/

# p /var/cache/fontconfig/*(N.) | wc -l

One thing i noticed. When fc-cache reports 'failed to write cache' then not all
mtimes in '/var/cache/fontconfig' are updated.
Only when when i give all font paths explictly on cmd line as mentioned earlier
ALL mtimes in '/var/cache/fontconfig' are updated.

Sounds somewhat logically. The question is why fc-cache fails to update all font
paths it knows about.

kind regards,


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