Bug#926404: /usr/bin/pdfsig: pdfsig: segfaults with "couldn't find default Firefox Folder"

Bernhard √úbelacker bernhardu at mailbox.org
Fri Apr 5 15:01:26 BST 2019

Hello Bernhard E. Reiter,
just tried to help triaging this bug.

It sounds quite similar to an already filed bug #924050 .

Is pdfsig on your system really not crashing if firefox is installed?

Maybe you could run following command in a terminal to get a backtrace
from a debugger when it crashes and forward the output to this bug?

    gdb -q -ex 'set width 0' -ex 'set pagination off' -ex 'run' -ex 'bt' -ex 'detach' -ex 'quit' --args pdfsig A_signed.pdf

This would greatly help to decide if this is a separate
issue or the same as already reported.

Kind regards,

#924050 https://bugs.debian.org/924050

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