Bug#926404: /usr/bin/pdfsig: pdfsig: segfaults with "couldn't find default Firefox Folder"

Bernhard √úbelacker bernhardu at mailbox.org
Tue Apr 16 10:32:09 BST 2019

Hello Bernhard,

> The indicateion is the difference in the messages in the original problems:
> #924050: Internal Error (0): Input couldn't be parsed as a CMS signature
> #926404: Internal Error (0): couldn't find default Firefox Folder

Yes, I fear I hit not the submitters problem in #924050 and
attached the wrong information to that bug, that would match better
to this bug.

> It still makes sense to depend or recommend a certificate database that is 
> used by pdfsig. Otherwise it will not be possible to validate the certificate
> of a signature.
>> A poppler package built with that patch showed the
>> signature information successfully.
> Did you have /etc/pki/nssdb in place or a personal firefox profile when doing 
> the test?

No, there was neither /etc/pki/nssdb nor a firefox profile in the
home directory. But even after installation of firefox-esr I had no
directory /etc/pki/nssdb in my test VM.

Kind regards,

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