Update of xdg-utils?

Ferdinand Lenhardt ferdinand.lenhardt at web.de
Fri Feb 7 10:12:04 GMT 2020


I am addressing this to the maintainers of the xdg-utils package of the latest Debian distribution. Due to not having an overview of how all the stuff is managed, I am trying to ask by e-mail.

A user of Debian 10 LXDE from our local Linux club reported a problem to me, which he has with several GUI applications, when he tries to open a URL in the "About" window. I traced the problem down to the xdg-open script of the xdg-utils package. A corresponding bug report can be found here:


The problem seems to be solved in xdg-utils 1.1.4, as stated here:


However Debian still uses xdg-utils 1.1.3:


The download version is unfortunately also not latest one:


Since I don't know, which is the source for the xdg-utils package in Debian, I am addressing this issue to you, hoping that there will be an update of xdg-utils in Debian.

Any feedback from you could help me to improve my handling of such issue reports, so that I can address them more effectively.

Best regards,
Ferdinand Lenhardt

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