Bug#931822: xdg-utils: xdg-open fails to open http urls under LXDE

Daniel Rosehill daniel at danielrosehill.co.il
Thu Apr 23 16:00:09 BST 2020

Dear maintainers,

Confirming replication of xdg-open bug in Ubuntu 19.10 running LXDE as DE.

Behavior as described in this AskUbuntu thread:

xdg-open URL calls are not being parsed correctly by the package due to a
syntax error in xdg-open config.

Rex Dieter's commit resolved the issue for me and now xdg-open + URL opens
the URL, as expected, in a default browser tab:


I understand that this has been resolved in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

*Daniel Rosehill*
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