Bug#960679: fontconfig: strict dependency of arch:any libfontconfig1 on arch:all fontconfig-config going wrong

Julien Cristau jcristau at debian.org
Fri May 15 11:48:14 BST 2020

Source: fontconfig
Version: 2.13.1-2
Severity: serious

libfontconfig1 Depends on fontconfig-config (>= ${source:Version})

If the arch:amd64 buildd is faster than the arch:all one, as happened
with 2.13.1-4.1, the new libfontconfig1 becomes uninstallable, and,
because fontconfig indirectly build-depends on libfontconfig1, that
situation can't fix itself.

One way around that is to make fontconfig-config arch:any; there may be
other solutions.


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