Bug#976544: Bug#976405: Bug#976495: also happens on amd64, should be worked around by 1.8.20-5 but the real fix will come with 1.8.20-6

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sun Dec 6 00:42:51 GMT 2020


thanks for the digging through the errors.

> < texlive-base_2020.20200925-1
> ---
> > texlive-base_2020.20201203-2

> Also, I noticed a few new latex-related failures in this archive rebuild.

It seems that something in the interface with hyperref has changed.
Unfortunately the docbook/jadetex stuff is rather cryptic to deciper and
hardly possible to get a *minimal* example.

If someone can send me a minimal (as far as possible) input file, and
the list of commands necessary to run (openjade/doxy/whatever) I can
look into the old/new code and contact the upupstream authors.



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