Bug#969907: Bug#969537: epdfinfo crashing with mismatched libpoppler102 and libpoppler-glib8

Ivo De Decker ivodd at debian.org
Sat Apr 10 21:13:13 BST 2021


On Thu, Feb 18, 2021 at 03:33:23PM +0000, Simon McVittie wrote:
> > I'd rather think that the situation happened because
> > elpa-pdf-tools-server links both to libpoppler and libpoppler-glib:
> > the rebuild against poppler 20.09.0 (i.e. libpoppler102) make
> > elpa-pdf-tools-server link to libpoppler102 (forcing the newer
> > dependency to it), and setting an old dependency for libpoppler-glib
> > because there is no need for a newer version.
> So elpa-pdf-tools-server is linked to libpoppler-glib, and because the
> (parts of the) libpoppler-glib API that it uses has not changed for a
> while, it is happy with an old version; but then during a partial
> upgrade, it can get this
>     elpa-pdf-tools-server
>         \- old libpoppler-glib
>         |   \- libpoppler95
>         \- libpoppler102
> and the two copies of libpoppler fight?
> That seems entirely plausible, and I don't immediately see a way to
> fix it without adding Breaks (which would force a lockstep upgrade,
> somewhat defeating the purpose of SONAMEs).
> GNOME had similar issues during the libffi transition, where gjs' direct
> use of libffi conflicted with its indirect use via GLib, and I think we
> ended up adding Breaks to force the broken combinations not to happen.

There are 2 other packages in bullseye that depend on both libpoppler and
libpoppler-glib: gambas3-gb-poppler and inkscape.

This issue is also present in inkscape (I didn't try to reproduce it with
gambas3-gb-poppler, but I guess the situation is similar):

Install inkscape on a buster system. The pdf David attached can be opened
without issue. Upgrade only inkscape to bullseye (letting apt pull in the
dependencies, which include libpoppler102 but not the newer libpoppler-glib8).
When opening the pdf inkscape closes with an error, and the kernel reports:
inkscape[9032]: segfault at 9 ip 00007fad9e3e1d3e sp 00007fff5127ae30 error 4 in libpoppler-glib.so.8.10.0[7fad9e3c4000+27000]

Installing the new libpoppler-glib8 fixes the issue.

A way to fix this, is to add a dependency to the newer libpoppler-glib8 as
well (as was done for elpa-pdf-tools-server). Obviously, it would be nice to
have an elegant way to handle this automatically at build time to make sure
the dependencies are correct, without having to add them manually.



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