Bug#991440: libmalcontent-0-0: Missing D-Bus interfaces

Dan Nicholson dbn at endlessos.org
Fri Jul 23 17:47:10 BST 2021

Package: libmalcontent-0-0
Version: 0.10.0-2
Severity: normal

Currently the com.endlessm.ParentalControls D-Bus interface
definitions and the polkit policy are provided from the malcontent
package. This is wrong, though, as the interface provides an
account-service extension that's managed entirely from
libmalcontent-0. The malcontent package provides the malcontent-client
CLI tool, but most programs such as flatpak and gnome-control-center
use the libmalcontent API to access the parental controls data.
Without the D-Bus interface files this functionality is broken.

I suggest moving these files into the libmalcontent-0-0 package.
Another option is to have a separate malcontent-data package, but IMO
there would be little to gain by just having the interfaces separately

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