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Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at moszumanska.debian.org
Tue Apr 19 11:36:19 UTC 2016

Tag 'debian/1.0.1+git20160414-1' created by Timo Aaltonen <tjaalton at debian.org> at 2016-04-19 09:09 +0000

tagging package python-lib389 version debian/1.0.1+git20160414-1
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Changes since the dawn of time:
Jan Rusnacko (1):
      Initial commit with DSModuleProxy.

Mark Reynolds (51):
      Add all the plugin names to the constants file
      Ticket 47819 - Add the new precise tombstone purging config attribute
      Ticket 47845 - Add backup/restore/fixup tombstone tasks to lib389
      Ticket 47851 - Add function to retrieve dirsrvtests data directory
      Ticket 47845 - add stripcsn option to tombstone fixup task
      Ticket 47851 - Need to retrieve tmp directory path
      Ticket 47855 - Add function to clear tmp directory
      Bug Description:  Disable plugins had a copy and paste error that prevented
      Ticket 47990 - Add "upgrade" function to lib389
      Ticket 47990 - Add check for ".removed" instances when doing an upgrade
      Ticket 48000 - replica agreement pause/resume should have a short sleep
      Ticket 48004 - Fix various issues
      Ticket 48000 - Repl agmts need more time to stop
      Ticket 48020 - lib389 - need to reset args_instance with
      Ticket 48023 - create function to test replication between servers
      Ticket 48022 - lib389 - Add all the server tasks
      Ticket 48028 - lib389 - add valgrind functions
      Ticket 48028 - add valgrind wrapper for ns-slapd
      Ticket 48029 - Add missing replication related functions
      Fix string formating error
      Add check for the new "stress" directory for "getDir()", and added a new function to open a new connection to the server
      Ticket 48238 - Add objectclass and attribute type query mechanisms
      Ticket 48236 - Add get effective rights helper to lib389
      Add the package plugin dir to the DirvSrv object
      Ticket 48237 - Add lib389 helper to enable and disable logging services.
      Ticket 48239 - Fix for prefix allocation of un-initialised dirsrv objects
      Add broooker function to set access log buffering on or off
      Ticket 47848 - Add new function to create ldif files
      From: William Brown <wililam at adelaide.edu.au>
      Ticket 48247 - Change the default user to 'dirsrv'
      Ticket 48273 - Improve valgrind functions
      Ticket 48204 - update lib389 for python3
      Fix various errors in the changelog module
      Various fixes for REST API support
      Ticket 48322 - Allow reindex function to reindex all attributes
      Fixed pep8 errors in __init__.py, backend.py and mappingtee.py
      Ticket 48329 - add matching rule functions to schema module
      Ticket 48329 - Fix case-senstive scyheam comparisions
      Ticket 48335 - Add SASL support to lib389
      Ticket 47840 - Fix regression
      Ticket 48353 - Add Replication REST support to lib389
      Ticket 48246 - Adding license/copyright to lib389 files
      Ticket 48358 - Prepare lib389 for Fedora Packaging
      Ticket 48358 - Make Fedora packaging changes to the spec file
      Ticket 58358 - Update spec file with pre-release versioning
      Ticket 48358 - Add new spec file
      Remove deprecated spec file
      Update monitor module to catch exceptions around searches,
      Ticket 48419 - getadminport() should not a be a static method
      Ticket 48660 - Add function to convert binary values in an entry to base64

Milan Kubík (1):
      Ticket 47848 : Add support for setuptools.

Nathan Kinder (1):
      Add README file

Noriko Hosoi (1):
      Ticket #48252 - (lib389) adding get_bin_dir and dbscan

Rich Megginson (13):
      do not print ERROR message every time creating an instance
      need time and datetime - add str method for RUV to format RUV in a readable format
      cannot modify passed in args - make a deepcopy to avoid side effects
      added agreement stop and restart methods
      need to set correct replica type
      add convenience agreement_dn method to get a single replication agreement dn
      file did not end with newline
      move stop and restart to agreement.pause and agreement.unpause
      ignore patch files
      need package name in exception
      add changelog config method
      fix deprecated repl args in dirsrv class - use default timeout of 120
      Ticket #47648 lib389 - add schema classes, methods

Simon Pichugin (11):
      Ticket 48303 - Fix lib389 broken tests - aci_parse_test
      Ticket 48303 - Fix lib389 broken tests - agreement_test
      Ticket 48309 - Fix lib389 lib imports
      Ticket 48303 - Fix lib389 broken tests - backend_test
      Ticket 48318 - Do not delete a changelog while disabling a replication by suffix
      Ticket 48319 Fix ldap.LDAPError exception processing
      Ticket 48303 - Fix lib389 broken tests
      Ticket 48360 - Refactor the delete agreement function
      Ticket 48364 - Fix test failures
      Ticket 48407 - Add test coverage module for lib389 repo
      Ticket 48661 - Agreement test suite fails at the test_changes case

Thierry bordaz (tbordaz) (17):
      Ticket ticket47566 - Initial import of DSadmin into 389-test repos
      Ticket 47568 - Rename DSAdmin class
      Ticket 47578: CI tests: removal of 'sudo' and absolute path in lib389
      Ticket 47584: CI tests: add backup/restore of an instance
      Ticket 47590: CI tests: add/split functions around replication
      Ticket 47595 - fail to detect/reinit already existing instance/backup
      Change enableReplication/Replica.add interface to use role. + error handling with exception
      Ticket 47625 - CI lib389: DirSrv not conform to the design
      Ticket 47635: MT/Backend/Suffix to be conform with the design
      Fix for running on RPM (not -- prefix)
      Make the backup (instance) directory readable by anybody
      Ticket 47652 - replica add fails: MT.list return a list not an entry
      Ticket  47600 : Replica/Agreement/Changelog not conform to the design
      Ticket 47671 - CI lib389: allow to open a DirSrv without having to create the instance
      Ticket 47695 - Add plugins/tasks/Index
      start/stop may hang indefinitely (like SSL init fails)
      Ticket 47691 - using lib389 with RPMs

Timo Aaltonen (2):
      initial packaging
      releasing package python-lib389 version 1.0.1+git20160414-1

Viktor Ashirov (4):
      Update requirements.txt
      Ticket 48301 - add tox support
      Add missing dependencies for python-lib389
      Ticket 48765 - Change default ports for standalone topology

William Brown (27):
      Reliability improvements to DS allocate functions
      Ticket 48259 - Add aci parsing utilities to lib389
      Add dereference request control to lib389 for testing plugins.
      Ticket 48271 - Fix for self.prefix being none when SER_DEPLOYED_DIR is none https://fedorahosted.org/389/ticket/48271
      Ticket 48308 - Add __eq__ and __ne__ to Entry to allow fast comparison
      Ticket 48321 - Improve is_a_dn check to prevent mistakes with lib389 auth
      Ticket 48324 -  fix boolean capitalisation (one line)
      Subject: [PATCH] Ticket 47840 - fix lib389 to use sbin scripts
      Ticket 48343 - lib389 krb5 realm management
      Ticket 48340 - Add basic monitor support to lib389 https://fedorahosted.org/389/ticket/48340
      Ticket 48361 - Expand 389ds monitoring capabilities
      Ticket 48371 - weaker host check on localhost.localdomain
      Ticket 48390 - RFE Improvements to lib389 monitor features for rest389
      Ticket 48401 - lib389 Entry hasAttr returs dict instead of false
      Ticket 48401 - Revert typecheck
      Ticket 48408 - RFE escaped default suffix for tests
      Ticket 48415
      Ticket 48560 - Make verbose handling consistent
      Ticket 48357 - clitools should standarise their args
      Ticket 48399 - Add helper makefile to lib389 to build and install
      Ticket 48751 - Improve lib389 ldapi support
      Ticket 48750 - Clean up logging to improve command experience
      Ticket 48764 - Fix mit krb password to be random.
      Ticket 48794 - lib389 build requires are on a single line
      Ticket 48399 - Helper makefile is missing mkdir dist
      Ticket 48399 - Helper makefile is missing mkdir dist
      Ticket 48791 - format args in server tools

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