[Pkg-freeipa-devel] python-nss: Changes to 'refs/tags/debian/1.0.0-1'

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at moszumanska.debian.org
Tue Sep 20 13:13:11 UTC 2016

Tag 'debian/1.0.0-1' created by Timo Aaltonen <tjaalton at debian.org> at 2016-09-20 13:07 +0000

tagging package python-nss version debian/1.0.0-1
Version: GnuPG v1


Changes since debian/0.16.0-1:
John Dennis (44):
      Added tag PYNSS_RELEASE_0_16_0 for changeset b22fb316b727
      add support for PBKDF2
      merge pbkdf2 branch
      add pbkdf2_example.py to Manifest
      Added tag PYNSS_RELEASE_0_17_0 for changeset 992c5650c72a
      Fix PBKDF2 implmentation by adding get_pbe_iv() and
      Added tag PYNSS_RELEASE_0_17_0 for changeset b4e4d70da0cd
      Fix SecItem.to_base64() doc string
      Added tag PYNSS_RELEASE_0_17_0 for changeset bbe06f8d7b1b
      fix install_doc manifest, it omitted the run_tests script.
      fix cut-n-paste error in SecItem.to_base64 doc
      fix read_data_from_file(), make it accept any file like object
      Calling read() on a socket after it was closed would segfault
      Some unit tests fail in FIPS mode
      SSLSocket.set_certificate_db() fails with TypeError
      test_pkcs12 runs test_import with filename, fileobj and filelike
      Fix segfault in pkcs12_export() when pin_args are passed.
      Remove shebang #!/usr/bin/python from setup.py
      Convert print statements in setup.py for Py3 comparability
      Change module init to support both Py2 & Py3
      Fix missing parameter types in function definitions
      Change PyCObect usage to PyCapsule
      Restore C_API import mechanism, PyCapsuleImport has limitations.
      Modify integer_secitem_to_pylong() to use PyLong instead of PyInt
      Remove PY_VERSION_HEX checks for versions less than 2.7
      Replace all instances of PyInt with PyLong for 2 to 3 conversion
      Add compile time version check enforcing Python 2.7 as minimum
      compiles under Py3, all tests work in Py2 & Py3, bump version to 1.0
      remove py_2_3_compat.h, move contents into py_nspr_common.h
      apply fixes revealed by pydebug, finish all py2to3 porting
      Add PK11Slot methods for password and pin operations
      fix oid_dotted_decimal() fails for unrecognised oids
      Set version to 1.0.0beta1
      Use functions SSL_GetNumImplementedCiphers() and SSL_GetImplementedCiphers()
      Added tag PYNSS_RELEASE_1_0_0beta1 for changeset cb9a0b1701b6
      Added tag PYNSS_RELEASE_0_17_0 for changeset 2c018bb03ee3
      Allow custom include root in setup.py as command line arg
      Add TLS chacha20 poly1305 constants
      Remove checks for whether a socket is open for reading. It's not
      bump version to 1.0.0
      Added tag PYNSS_RELEASE_1_0_0 for changeset 84c4fa461e30
      add nss.get_all_tokens()
      Added tag PYNSS_RELEASE_1_0_0 for changeset 96fff7c15b21
      Add missing CHACHA20 constants to Changelog

Timo Aaltonen (8):
      watch: Use pypi.debian.net url, old one is unreliable.
      watch: update again
      Merge branch 'upstream'
      update changelog
      Add python3-nss, use pybuild
      control: Bump policy to 3.9.8, no changes.
      control: Use https vcs urls.
      releasing package python-nss version 1.0.0-1

 .hgtags                           |   13 
 debian/changelog                  |   10 
 debian/control                    |   24 
 debian/pyversions                 |    1 
 debian/rules                      |    7 
 debian/watch                      |    2 
 doc/ChangeLog                     |   79 
 doc/examples/cert_dump.py         |  108 -
 doc/examples/cert_trust.py        |   48 
 doc/examples/httplib_example.py   |   55 
 doc/examples/pbkdf2_example.py    |  227 ++
 doc/examples/ssl_example.py       |  140 -
 doc/examples/ssl_version_range.py |   90 
 doc/examples/verify_cert.py       |   85 
 doc/examples/verify_server.py     |   77 
 setup.py                          |   60 
 src/__init__.py                   |    3 
 src/py_nspr_common.h              |  397 +++-
 src/py_nspr_error.c               |  149 -
 src/py_nspr_error.h               |   12 
 src/py_nspr_io.c                  |  400 ++--
 src/py_nspr_io.h                  |   11 
 src/py_nss.c                      | 3643 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
 src/py_nss.h                      |   12 
 src/py_ssl.c                      |  423 ++--
 src/py_ssl.h                      |   12 
 src/py_traceback.h                |   18 
 test/run_tests                    |    9 
 test/setup_certs.py               |   98 -
 test/test_cert_components.py      |   41 
 test/test_cert_request.py         |   10 
 test/test_cipher.py               |   50 
 test/test_client_server.py        |  148 -
 test/test_digest.py               |   62 
 test/test_misc.py                 |    9 
 test/test_ocsp.py                 |    4 
 test/test_pkcs12.py               |   67 
 37 files changed, 4509 insertions(+), 2095 deletions(-)

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