[Pkg-freeipa-devel] Bug#862846: python-ipalib: Please switch to iproute2 package

bigon at debian.org bigon at debian.org
Wed May 17 17:05:48 UTC 2017

Package: python-ipalib
Version: 4.3.2-5
Severity: normal
User: ah-iproute at debian.org
Usertags: rm-transitional-iproute

Dear Maintainer,

Please update the python-ipalib package dependencies to use
'iproute2' instead of the transitional package 'iproute'.

The transition from the old iproute package name to iproute2 happened
in Debian Jessie, so the transitional package is now ready to be

Please be sure to update your package during the buster release cycle
so that transitional package can finally be removed.


Laurent Bigonville 

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