[Pkg-freeipa-devel] Bug#910698: dogtag-pki needs jdk8

Emmanuel Bourg ebourg at apache.org
Fri Nov 30 10:31:36 GMT 2018

Le 17/10/2018 à 10:10, Timo Aaltonen a écrit :

>> What errors do you get if you use the Java 11 compiled ldapjdk with
>> jss/dogtag-pki?
> I can't remember offhand, some compatibility errors with versions.

The <javac> tasks in the Ant build don't specify the source/target
level, that's probably why you got these errors. I sent a pull request
on Salsa addressing this issue [1].

Emmanuel Bourg

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/freeipa-team/ldapjdk/merge_requests/1

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