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Timo Aaltonen gitlab at salsa.debian.org
Wed Jul 10 08:23:26 BST 2019

Timo Aaltonen pushed to branch master at FreeIPA packaging / 389-ds-base

d4a676cf by Simon Pichugin at 2019-06-19T10:42:36Z
Issue 49232 - Truncate the message when buffer capacity is exceeded

Bug Description: When the access log buffer capacity is exceeded we log
an emergency error and the access log line is not logged at all.

Fix Description: Log the error message to errors log and log the access
log message but truncate its elements (for the search access log message).
Or just log what is in the buffer in other cases.
Add CI test to ds_logs test suite for the basic feature testing.


Reviewed by: mreynolds, tbordaz, firstyear (Thanks!!)

- - - - -
73cb6b9e by Anuj Borah at 2019-06-19T11:58:53Z
Issue: 48851 - investigate and port TET matching rules filter tests(index)

Investigate and port TET matching rules filter tests(index)

Relates: https://pagure.io/389-ds-base/issue/48851

Author: aborah

Reviewed by: Simon Pichugin

- - - - -
5c0198d9 by Mark Reynolds at 2019-06-19T19:41:04Z
Issue 50454 - Fix Cockpit UI branding

Bug Description:  On RHEL we still displayed "389 Directory Server" in
                  the Cockpit vertical navigation panel instead of
                  "Red Hat Directory Server".

Fix Description:  Instead of using separate files, just do a "sed" replacement
                  in the specfile to handle the branding


Reviewed by: viktor & mhonek (Thanks!!)

- - - - -
f874c39f by William Brown at 2019-06-20T13:22:10Z
Ticket 50439 - fix waitpid issue when pid does not exist

Bug Description: In some situations, waitpid will fail with
a no child process error, when the pid file has a value but
no pid exists.

Fix Description: Catch the exception, because in this case
we have no pids to wait upon, so there is no harm to skip this.


Author: William Brown <william at blackhats.net.au>

Review by: ???

- - - - -
5e285f63 by Viktor Ashirov at 2019-06-24T15:42:12Z
Issue 50378 - ACI's with IPv4 and IPv6 bind rules do not work for IPv6 clients


Add a new test case for #50378 instead of the older one that was testing
an unsupported corner case (ip=*).

Relates: https://pagure.io/389-ds-base/issue/50378

Reviewed by: mreynolds (Thanks!)

- - - - -
1924c12b by Anuj Borah at 2019-06-25T13:02:19Z
Issue: 48851 - Add more test cases to the match test suite.

Bug Description: Add more test cases to the match test suite.

Relates: https://pagure.io/389-ds-base/issue/48851

Author: aborah

Reviewed by: Simon Pichugin

- - - - -
e4ec3e0e by Matúš Honěk at 2019-06-25T14:46:05Z
Ticket 50217 -  Implement dsconf security section

Bug Description:
dsconf lacks options to configure security options

Fix Description:
Implementing options to configure security related attributes and handle ciphers

Fixes: https://pagure.io/389-ds-base/issue/50217

Author: Matus Honek <mhonek at redhat.com>

Review by: firstyear, mreynolds (Thanks!)

- - - - -
19d2029b by Mark Reynolds at 2019-06-25T19:18:43Z
Issue 50462 - Fix CI tests

Description:  Port some of the failing ticket tests to suites

related: https://pagure.io/389-ds-base/issue/50462

Reviewed by: vashirov, mhonek, spichugi, and aadhikari (thanks!)

- - - - -
71138c04 by Mark Reynolds at 2019-06-25T19:22:40Z
Issue 50462 - Fix Root DN access control plugin CI tests

Description:  Port CI test to use DSLDapObject instead of raw types,
              and add sleeps after every config change.

              Also increased replication timeout in the referint_plugin

related: https://pagure.io/389-ds-base/issue/50462

Reviewed by: vashirov(thanks!)

- - - - -
0b2f0475 by Ludwig Krispenz at 2019-06-27T07:26:13Z
Ticket 50472 - memory leak with encryption

Bug: In ssl initialization a lot of memory is allocated by calls to nss functions
	and not freed

Fix: free all allocations reported by asan

Reviewed by: Mark, thanks

- - - - -
9bf0fc29 by Matúš Honěk at 2019-06-27T08:10:17Z
Issue 50474 - Unify result codes for add and modify of repl5 config

Bug Description:
Same constraints resulting in error are reported as different LDAP
result codes when using different operation for adjusting these.

Fix Description:
A part of the code had not conveyed the error reason down the stack,
therefore adding this information and returning the proper code.

Fixes: https://pagure.io/389-ds-base/issue/50474

Author: Matus Honek <mhonek at redhat.com>

Review by: mreynolds, spichugi (thanks!)

- - - - -
4661c793 by Viktor Ashirov at 2019-07-01T14:30:07Z
Issue 49761 - Fix CI test suite issues


Fix test failures in tier0 and tier1 tests:

* Skip tests where it's not implemented.
* Set custom fd limits to the value less than allowed per process.
* Use a correct URI for ACI related tests in paged_results_test.py.

Relates: https://pagure.io/389-ds-base/issue/49761

Reviewed by: mreynolds (Thanks!)

- - - - -
4677007d by Akshay Adhikari at 2019-07-03T14:39:20Z
Issue 50177 - Add a new CI test case, also added fixes in lib389

Bug Description: Import task should not be deleted too rapidely after import finishes
to be able to query the status.

Fix Description: A new attribute 'ttl' is order to tune the life time of the task.
The default value is increased to '86400'. Added a test to check that and added it
to ImportTask & ExportTask classes in lib389 so it will create ttl attribute by default.

Fixes: https://pagure.io/389-ds-base/issue/50177

Review by: mreynolds (Thanks!)

- - - - -
70ba6e38 by Akshay Adhikari at 2019-07-03T15:01:38Z
Issue 49997 - Add a new CI test case

Bug Description: If the suffix provided in the command line does not exist or it's
not replicated, we have an error message that it's regarding the RUV

Fix Description: Added a test case that will validate if a wrong suffix is passed then
a proper error message is displayed or not.

Relates: https://pagure.io/389-ds-base/issue/49997

Review by: vashirov (Thanks!)

- - - - -
c2650f02 by Akshay Adhikari at 2019-07-04T06:57:21Z
Issue 49239 - Add a new CI test case

Bug Description: ds-replcheck unreliable, showing false positives, showing missing tombstone entries
in the report.

Fix Description: Added a test case to check missing tombstone entries is not reported, also fixed
py3 issue in ds-replcheck by explicitly adding bytes.

Relates: https://pagure.io/389-ds-base/issue/49239

Review by: vashirov, mreynolds (Thanks!)

- - - - -
fdf59ee0 by Mark Reynolds at 2019-07-08T18:00:28Z
Issue 50431 - Fix regression from coverity fix

Description:  Fix a regression from the initial coverity commit that
              caused the memebrOf groupattrs to become corrupted and
              crash the server.


Reviewed by: vashirov(Thanks!)

- - - - -
74833414 by Mark Reynolds at 2019-07-08T19:23:01Z
Bump version to

- - - - -
326c7ecd by Timo Aaltonen at 2019-07-10T06:59:00Z
Merge tag '389-ds-base-'

- - - - -
af438e90 by Timo Aaltonen at 2019-07-10T07:03:23Z
bump the version

- - - - -
e8f97fdd by Timo Aaltonen at 2019-07-10T07:13:35Z
releasing package 389-ds-base version

- - - - -

30 changed files:

- debian/changelog
- dirsrvtests/tests/suites/acl/keywords_test.py
- dirsrvtests/tests/suites/basic/basic_test.py
- dirsrvtests/tests/suites/ds_logs/ds_logs_test.py
- dirsrvtests/tests/suites/ds_tools/replcheck_test.py
- + dirsrvtests/tests/suites/filter/filter_indexing_test.py
- dirsrvtests/tests/suites/filter/filter_match_test.py
- dirsrvtests/tests/suites/paged_results/paged_results_test.py
- dirsrvtests/tests/suites/plugins/rootdn_plugin_test.py
- dirsrvtests/tests/suites/referint_plugin/rename_test.py
- dirsrvtests/tests/suites/replication/acceptance_test.py
- − dirsrvtests/tests/suites/replication/regression_nsslapd_plugin_binddn_tracking_test.py
- dirsrvtests/tests/suites/replication/regression_test.py
- dirsrvtests/tests/suites/replication/replica_config_test.py
- + dirsrvtests/tests/suites/replication/tombstone_fixup_test.py
- dirsrvtests/tests/suites/replication/tombstone_test.py
- dirsrvtests/tests/suites/resource_limits/fdlimits_test.py
- − dirsrvtests/tests/tickets/ticket47819_test.py
- − dirsrvtests/tests/tickets/ticket47838_test.py
- − dirsrvtests/tests/tickets/ticket47950_test.py
- ldap/admin/src/scripts/ds-replcheck
- ldap/servers/plugins/memberof/memberof_config.c
- ldap/servers/plugins/replication/repl5.h
- ldap/servers/plugins/replication/repl5_replica.c
- ldap/servers/plugins/replication/repl5_replica_config.c
- ldap/servers/slapd/back-ldbm/ldbm_attrcrypt.c
- ldap/servers/slapd/libglobs.c
- ldap/servers/slapd/log.c
- ldap/servers/slapd/log.h

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