[Pkg-freeipa-devel] debian 11 and freeipa-client from deb packages.

Руслан Скенч skench at list.ru
Fri Dec 24 13:37:52 GMT 2021

Good afternoon. I would like to thank you for your work https://github.com/jheidecker/freeipa-client-local_4.9.7_amd64, I , I installed the package. dpkg -i name_packages.deb
apt install -f after that, a package with all dependencies was installed on my debian 11, after  ipa-client-install I started the process of logging into the domain , I asked for the logs and password from the admin record, I see a new hostname in the ipa.server web interface, but I encountered a system that lets me ssh on a new PC only under the admin name, which I specified when executing the command above, under other users in the domain it does not matter administrator or not, I cannot get to this PC. I put debug-level = 7 in sssd, but I could not understand the reason either. I ask you very much to help me with advice. Thanks again and have a nice day.
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