Bas Wijnen shevek at fmf.nl
Fri Feb 10 17:55:42 UTC 2006

On Fri, Feb 10, 2006 at 03:46:08PM +0100, Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> Great! I haven't done any udeb before either, but if we do it, it would be
> nice to write a small howto with the hints and URLs

I'm done with both the deb and the udeb.  It also builds fine in a pbuilder
chroot.  I haven't tested the udeb, but the deb works fine.

The package builds without problems in a pbuilder chroot and is lintian clean
(after some changes to the manpage).

linda has two things to complain about:
- It (incorrectly) says I put files directly in /usr/share (many times).
  (reported to the bts.)
- It (correctly) says my udeb has options in the depends (foo | bar).
  This is appearantly not allowed for udebs.  However, these are the result of
  dh_shlibdeps.  What should I do about this?  Remove ${shlibs:Depends} and
  specify the actual value?  That takes a lot of maintainance. :-(

The source package (and some generated stuff) can be found at

It builds both a .deb and a .udeb.  I saw parted does this as well (I used it
to see how building udebs works), so I suppose that is correct.

The upstream tarball was called sdljump-0.91-1.tar.gz, so the Debian version
is 0.91-1-1.  It looks a bit strange, but it makes sense. :-)

I've submitted an ITP (as you may have seen, I Cc'd this list) and close it in
the changelog.

Would anyone here be willing to sponsor it?


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