[Pkg-games-devel] Congrats

Josef Spillner 2005 at kuarepoti-dju.net
Fri Jan 13 16:36:22 UTC 2006

I'd like to say thanks for this effort.
I tried to initiate something like that some weeks ago (on the old Debian 
wiki), and found some maintainers who supported the idea (I hope they'll 
subscribe here too ;) but for some reason, since the pkg-ggz alioth project 
was "hijacked" to revive it again, my own pushing into this direction 

One of the items I found was that paragui is outdated. I filed a bug report 
but it's still at 1.0 although upstream activity only happens in the 1.1 
branch, and many (most?) projects rely on 1.1.
The particular case was Freelords, which is another potential package for 
Debian too :-)
Should probably bug Fenio about this again.

Otherwise, I have no open items to speak about. Oh wait, 2 more:

* The meduXa project did some nice kde-edu customisation work for a "gamer 
desktop" (in a family friendly way). There are other projects (gamesknoppix?) 
which work on similar integration issues.

* As soon as the GGZ libraries are uploaded, games which support GGZ should be 
recompiled with --enable-ggz or similar. This currently affects TEG and 
Widelands, and the upcoming release of Freeciv.

Upstream game authors with multiplayer functionality should consider adding 
GGZ support, I can help with this.
My "pet peeve" would be moon-buggy so I do not lose scores whenever I switch 
to another computer.


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