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Gonéri Le Bouder goneri at rulezlan.org
Sun Jul 2 19:44:34 UTC 2006

Le dimanche 02 juillet 2006 21:37, Bruno Kleinert a écrit :
> This one time, at band camp, Gonéri Le Bouder wrote:
> > You still need a warpper script. So i think that you have to
> > keep /usr/lib/nexuiz for the binarys.
> as it's only one single file per binary package i'd say, it's ok to put
> them to /usr/games. i don't see a reason to put them to a special
> location and i'm happy atm to have found a method to remove the
> lib-directories. if there are reasons (i can't think of any at the
> moment), why the binaries shouldn't be placed in the /usr/games
> directory we can easily put them back there.
If i understand you want:
/usr/games/nexuiz # the warpper
/usr/games/nexuiz.bin # the binary

> > Maybe we can add a path $HOME/.nexuiz/data/*.pk3 in the command line else
> > we have to patch the source tree.
> i've got a bad feeling about this for future upgrades and mods for
> nexuiz. won't nexuiz mods live in other directories as the quake 3
> engine handles it? for example $HOME/.nexuiz/some-mod/*.pk3? - or
> config files for that mod. by adding a path, including the 'data'
> directory we'll hardcode that path.
Yes, you're right, i forgot the "mod" problem.


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