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Mon Jul 17 12:33:58 UTC 2006

On 06/07/06, Andreas Bombe <bombe at> wrote:
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> Hello Games Team,
> I have here two games packages I maintain, rockdodger and armagetron,
> which I rather neglected and really should have put up for adoption long
> ago.
> While rockdodger is dead upstream ( ) it's also
> a little game without problems.

The game is rather silly and, AFAIK, there are many games in Debian of its type.

> Armagetron, on the other hand, needs work and deserves better.  It has a
> new upstream version, a few bugs that need to be fixed (the server DOS
> is actually less urgent and probably fixed, there were some fixes to
> improve its behaviour) and documentation (man pages) that need to be
> updated.  I have to face that I'm not getting around to do this.
> Armagetron has some issues with a multiuser setting in that the per user
> settings aren't cleanly separated out by design.  I had to fix that with
> a not-so-clean directory structure in $HOME/.armagetron which has to be
> handled correctly on updates in the wrapper script.  Also, the server
> wrapper script isn't really working correctly out of the box AFAIR, and
> needs work.

I would like to take it, but I will need some help until I settle up
in my new home (I will move from one city to another). That would mean
about 2 weeks in the best case and unknown in the worst one.

> I would put it up for adoption on WNPP, but after discovering the games
> team I thought I'd ask you people first.  So let me know if someone of
> you or the group will take it up, otherwise I'll make official RFAs on
> WNPP in a week or so.

Please proceed.

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