Bug#379989: ri-li: cannot adjust keys

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Thu Jul 27 12:41:55 UTC 2006

Gonéri Le Bouder wrote:
> This feature is just not implemented.

I'm sure upstream thought the handwritten note would adequately (and
humorously) convey that this is an unimplemented feature, but it
confused me too.  It was nice, at least, to get the tip that "h" toggles
help (i.e. the red arrows showing the state of the switches) but even
that was somewhat confusing: at first, I thought "help" might have
something to do with showing key mappings, until I tried pressing "h" in
the game and observed its effects.

So there's room here for improvement.  Whether it's worth doing anything
about it or not before a new release of ri-li comes out with proper
support for keys is a matter for upstream to consider.

p.s. The whole family (kids aged 4, 8, 12, 16, and both parents) really
enjoy this game.  Thanks for packaging it, and convey my thanks upstream
for writing it.  I'll definitely be including it in Debian Jr. as soon
as it migrates to testing.

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