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Gonéri Le Bouder goneri at
Sat Jul 29 14:03:21 UTC 2006

Le samedi 29 juillet 2006 15:03, vous avez écrit :
> This one time, at band camp, Gonéri Le Bouder wrote:
> > Hi Bruno,
> >
> > Today i took a look on Nexuiz before to ask to Alexander for an upload or
> > the pacakges.
> >
> > There is something i don't understand.
> > Why do you install source code in /usr/share/doc/nexuiz-data/qcsrc.tar.gz
> > IMO If ppl wnat the source files, they have to use apt-get source nexuiz.
> >
> > I'm working on a patch to fix be able to load data from different
> > locations.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > 	Gonéri
> > --
> > Jabber: goneri at
> hi gonéri!
> i installed the quakeC sources of the game because i didn't know how to
> compile the quakec code. also i didn't know that the fteqcc is "the
> thing" that is used to compile it.
> to not violate the gpl i didn't know better and simply supplied the
> quake c source code by that stupid tarball.
> BUT: ;) by now, i know how all that stuff is done right, how to compile
> and properly install the quake c related parts of nexuiz.
> all that is fixed in the svn already, and svn is prepared for nexuiz
> 2.0.1 which will have all the bugs fixed, that were fixed by the
> hotfix-xyz.pk3 files. quakec sources get compiled during build of the
> package and there are no qcsrc tarballs installed anywhere in
> the /usr/doc/ directories.
> upstream promised me some weeks (even months?)
> ago, they'll release the bugfix release 2.0.1 "really quick" - that's
> why i didn't ask alexander for any further uploads. now, i'm still
> waiting and asking upstream on irc nearly every day when 2.0.1 will be
> released - there are prereleases available, but i'd like to package
> "real" releases, as upstream tends to often change physics and other
> stuff quite often between prereleases!
ok, i'll wait for my patch and to ask for nexuiz-locale-fr upload.



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