Boson need to be uploaded

Alexander Schmehl tolimar at
Thu Mar 2 10:58:00 UTC 2006


* Gonéri Le Bouder <goneri at> [060226 20:51]:

> Please, can a DD have a look on the Boson directory. It need a upload
> (the 3 packages).


> All are lintian OK.


Didn't you saw all those source-contains-CVS-dir warning from lintian?

alex at annuminas:/tmp$ lintian boson*.changes|grep -c source-contains-CVS-dir

Some other notes:
- debian/README.Debian without any usefull information for end users
- debian/copyright could have a hint, who the actual maintainer of the
  package is
- debian/compat should be set to 5 (already done in -music)
- debian/control should have the Boson Homepage as described in developer
- debian/rules you could remove some of the commented stuff, e.g. the
  unused dh_foo calls.
- debian/docs refers to useless files
- debian/dirs lists usr/bin and usrb/sbin

All in all the package seems to be in a good shape, beside those
trifles.  After fixing them, I'm willing to upload that package for you.

> svn co svn://
> Just call the script without flag.
> ./

That's nice.  Good idea.

Yours sincerely,

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