game-servers-init package

Linas Žvirblis 0x0007 at
Mon Sep 4 17:57:16 UTC 2006

Bruno Kleinert wrote:

> that package is a quick hack i wrote this evening, so it's very, very
> bleeding edge and very probably in a state of "it works for me" ;)
> i wrote it, because that's a mechanism me and a friend of mine always
> wished to have on game servers we set up for lan parties. i think/hope
> it will be intersting for a bunch of other people around the globe, too!

What will ship all these scripts? Each game? And how would one start a
server without 'game-servers-init'?

> what does it do? fire up a bunch of game servers by a single init
> script. which severs to start is configured by /etc/game-servers.d/.
> have a look at the exmaple configuration files i wrote, how to
> configure them.

And what advantages does it offer over having normal init scripts for
each game? I only see disadvantages:

* You cannot start a subset of servers, unless you modify the scripts;
* If a single server crashes, you need to restart all of them;
* If you only need to (re)start or stop a single server, no go;
* The scripts are useless on their own without 'game-servers-init'.

> the whole service can be enabled/disabled
> by /etc/default/game-servers-init.

A friendly init editor (and there are plenty to match anyones taste) and
a bunch of real init scripts would be much more useful.

> i'm curious about feedback, suggestions and improvements on this!
> uuuuhm.... yeah, preinst and postrm have to be improved, i know ;)

Please do not take this personally, but I dislike this idea. This is
simply not the problem that needs to be solved.

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