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Sun Sep 17 17:57:05 UTC 2006

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Giuseppe Borzi wrote:
> Hello Eddy,
>> First I want to applogise for not replying at all, I have been realy
>> busy lately.
> No problems, I have been busy too and I'm still busy with the review of
> a manuscript that I need to complete qithin one month.


>> So it compiles with this patch? We could make a separate source
>> package and keep the patch as a package patch, or already integrated
>> into the diff.gz.
> Yes, with the patch it compiles (at least with gcc 4.0.3). However, I
> have not used it to make maps. I simply started it and read an existing
> map, so I can't say if it fully works.

Nice, I guess we could build that after we make glest work properly.

>> Now, about the game and the bloody clean rule.
>> You might have seen the commits I made in the pkg-games repository.
>> I kind of managed to make the clean rule work (ugly hack), but the
>> package fails to compile. Some targets fail to compile, and, iirc,
>> this was happening before my changes.
> I downloaded from svn and had a look at your changes. I have seen that
> the directory structure has changed, now there is only the "mk"
> directory (iirc). Isn't it possible to simply add a target to the
> Jamfile to make the clean rule ?

:-) Heh, the changes in SVN are only the parts which diverge from the
original package, thus the debian directory will always be there while I
chose to modify immediately at source package unpacking. In other words,
the part in SVN will overwrite the unpacked orig tarball. It is meant to
be handled via svn-buildpackage[0].

I have added that rule, but the main issue is that the package must be
configured in order to have the clean rule available, so now the clean
target depends on the configure target.

Second major change was to bootstrap the package (autotools) statically,
and not during the build process. This *is* a good thing because the
autotools might be broken on some arches, also there are lots of subtle
issues (see Sam Hocevar's talk on autotools during the Debian QA meeting
in Darmstaadt[1]) which are avoided this way.

[after looking at the console] YAY! The package just built in the chroot
(and a small change in the debian/rules file) GREAT!

>> I advise you to make an account an alioth and request on the
>> debian-devel-games at to be added to the project. I or
>> Miriam will add you.
>> You will have the proper commits right after that, and can work on the
>> package in our svn.
> I have never used svn, besides the download mentioned above. Is there
> some quick introduction to svn use you know of ?

Sure :-) and

P.S.: Please reply to me *and* the list if I send a message to you *and*
the list (unless you have some good reason not to) because all the
others need to know about the progress of the work on this.

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