Orphaning some games

Mike Furr mfurr at debian.org
Mon Apr 2 14:05:53 UTC 2007

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After doing little to no work on these packages for the last few months,
 I've decided to orphan the following games.  I thought I would post
here first since these could probably benefit from a group maintainer.

  Great game, dead upstream but clearly still has a good set of users.
It has recently been discovered that some of the music is non-free and
some of the sounds are non-distributable.  The issues are discussed in
#385115.  However, a slightly stripped version should fit happily in
contrib/non-free.  Also, I already received one email of someone
offering some replacements audio files (will forward this to the new
maintainer).  There are a few other small bugs (with patches) that also
need to be addressed (although I'm not convinced why the patch in
#411614 solves the problem).

  This is a big one.  The data package is one of the largest packages in
Debian weighing in at ~150MB.  It has a pretty good user base, and
upstream is still active.  However, development is quite slow
now-a-days, so don't expect frequent releases.  The code base is also
quite large, consisting mostly of C++, but with all of the game logic in
python.  A good maintainer should also watch their message boards as
people occasionally post package related problems there.  Several bugs
in the BTS which could be addressed.  Due to the package size and being
somewhat buggy, I have traditionally not allowed this package into
testing, however any adopter can certainly change that (#295595).

- -Mike
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