Oolite needs to be requed (or something) on hppa

Cyril Brulebois cyril.brulebois at enst-bretagne.fr
Wed Dec 5 04:27:58 UTC 2007

On 05/12/2007, Eddy Petrișor wrote:
> Hello,


> Almost a month has has passed since oolite 1.65-6 failed to build on
> hppa due to a missing dependency at that time (libgl1-mesa-dev which
> was actually built just a few days later, iirc).

FYI: That kind of situation might be improved by the scripts I'm
currently testing.

> Please reschedule/requeue oolite 1.65-6 on hppa so that oolite
> migrates into testing. Thanks.

That's usually called a “give-back”.


Cyril Brulebois
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