status of quake3 and taspring

Tobi Vollebregt tobivollebregt at
Sat Jan 13 20:24:51 CET 2007

On Saturday 13 January 2007 16:04, Lee Garrett wrote:
> Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> > Testing and feedback welcome, of course. ;-)
> I tried it, but ran into some problems.
> starting spring, after a short screen blank it gives me this:
> "Luxi.ttf: FT_New_Face failed: no error"

This was because I forgot to make install targets for some files in the SVN 
data directory. Has been fixed in SVN.

> Looking into the .springrc file it generated, you can change the
> FontFile line to some other font. Then the menu starts.
> Selecting any of the options gives me a "Couldn't find any map
> files" error. As the spring-data package has some maps, I'm not sure
> what the error is. I tried changing the SpringData parameter in
> .springrc to /usr/share/games/spring/ und
> /usr/share/games/spring/base/, but that didn't help either.

The spring-data package doesn't contain any maps as far as I know. Maybe 
you're considering something a map which isn't a map?

Spring packages (both maps and mods) have a .sdz or .sd7 extension, maps are 
usually located in a "maps/" subdirectory of the data directory, mods in 
a "mods/" subdirectory (duh ;-).

Tobi Vollebregt (Spring dev)

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