Bug#442411: patched OpenAL

Vladimir Menshakov megath at netive.ru
Sat Nov 10 11:46:43 UTC 2007

Hello everybody. 
I'm the person who "fix" openal for the Battle Tanks project and
uploaded fixed packages here:

But actually I *DID NOT* patch any significant openAL code, I just replaced 

#ifdef __MMX__ 


#if 0 

(seems to be __MMX__ was defined by gcc, not autotools)

Since OpenAL MMX support is really broken and weird, disabling MMX at
all does not affect perfomance for me(athlon x2 4200+), at least for
battle tanks. And I'm really
"throw-away-all-that-anciend-assembly-because-gcc-does-this-better-than-hackers" person :)

The proper way of fixing this is patching autotools scripts for openal
and add something like "--disable-mmx" or "--disable-assembly" configure
switches, but unfortunately I do not understand autotools well and
cannot quickly hack it, sorry :(

I did not released source because it became a complete mess after my
intrusion. :)
I hope OpenAL maintainers are aware of this problem. 

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