Sponsor needed for a chess package

Tim Richardson tim at tim-richardson.net
Fri Feb 15 13:49:50 UTC 2008

Debian includes scid, which is great chess playing, analysis and
database software, but development stopped years ago. A very good
successor (or fork) is chessdb http://chessdb.sourceforge.net/

A year ago a Debian volunteer packaged it and sought a sponsor. In the
end, the package did not get a sponsor who could take the package into
Debian. See bug 408118 

Debian would be even better with this software. I've moved from Windows,
and knowing that Chessdb is GPL I was surprised that it was not in

If you know of a chess-loving DD who could sponsor it, chess loving
Debian users will be very pleased.

Tim Richardson. 
Tim Richardson tim at tim-richardson.net
+31 610 899 815
The Netherlands

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