Bug#564547: funguloids: crashes when you start a game, ogre prefix needed

Sven Arvidsson sa at whiz.se
Fri Apr 16 18:47:52 UTC 2010

severity 564547 important

> Fungaloids crashes after you click the 'start game' in the menu. If run 
> from the console, I see the following at the end of the output:
> Texture: baseglow2.jpg: Loading 1 faces(PF_R8G8B8,128x128x1) with 5 
> hardware generated mipmaps from Image. Internal format is 
> PF_X8R8G8B8,128x128x1.
> terminate called after throwing an instance of 
> 'Ogre::InvalidParametersException'
>   what():  OGRE EXCEPTION(2:InvalidParametersException): Cannot find 
> required template 'BaseOpen3' in ParticleSystemManager::createSystem at 
> OgreParticleSystemManager.cpp (line 311)
> Aborted
> This looks the same as a recent discussion on the packman list, so it 
> seems a fix is likely already available somewhere:
> http://lists.links2linux.de/pipermail/packman/2009-May/007060.html


The updates mentioned there are now available on the authors site:

There's also an updated data file for anyone who wants a quick fix:

I'm increasing the severity of this bug to important, but it could just
as well be set to grave as the game is pretty useless without these

Sven Arvidsson
PGP Key ID 760BDD22

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