Bug#497194: Still present

Bruno Kleinert fuddl at tauware.de
Sun Aug 1 22:15:18 UTC 2010

Am Samstag, den 31.07.2010, 22:43 -0400 schrieb Bruno Kleinert:
> I've uploaded the latest release of sauerbraten. Before the upload I
> gave it a try to link the server and client binary against
> libenet0debian1... FAIL!
> Though upstream has updated the internal code copy to a more recent
> version of enet, its API seems to be incompatible to the version we have
> in Debian or it's again a modified version of enet.
> I'll check out if it's easier this time to adept the engine to the
> version of enet packaged in Debian within the next days.
The original author of ENet and Sauerbraten was kind enough to contact
me in private and allowed me to quote him to clarify things about this

---[ 8< ]---
As the author of ENet and Sauerbraten, I use Sauerbraten as ENet proving
grounds, and the code I include for ENet in Sauerbraten is not
necessarily the released ENet library.
---[ >8 ]---

---[ 8< ]---
As for dynamic linking against ENet in general, this can be risky 
business as different versions can be protocol incompatible, not just 
API incompatible. Great care needs to be taken, in terms of reading and 
heeding the ENet release notes, for all things using ENet considering 
this, not just Sauerbraten. ENet releases tend to be infrequent and 
usually bring with them some form of incompatibility, usually at least 
new API functions and not uncommonly some slight API incompatibilities 
as well. All considering, protocol changes are the least common, but 
relative to the release schedule are still considerable.

But with respect to Sauerbraten, I can't really time Sauerbraten
dates with respect to ENet release dates, so I can't likewise make any 
guarantees about what ENet code (experimental or otherwise) Sauerbraten 
is going to use on any given release. So I much prefer to keep 
Sauerbraten's ENet statically linked to avoid any headaches.

---[ >8 ]---

With this statement I suspect it's impossible to link against a system
libenet within a reasonable amount of work. I thereby close this bug.

Cheers - Fuddl
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