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Wed Dec 22 14:13:34 UTC 2010


debian contains the original-glest version 3.2.2-2 which isn't developed 
further since april 2009. but there's a fork which has improved glest 
significantly. maybe You could include that too (or even replace the 
original glest with it because there's really no reason why anyone would 
want to play it anymore).

additional features:

     * Up to 8 players for network or single player games.
     * 4 new factions to pick from (more can be downloaded)
     * New AI player difficulty levels (easy, normal, ultra, mega)
     * Cross platform network play (Linux vs Windows works fine)
     * Many new maps
     * Observer Mode
     * Minimal Master-Server to display hosted Internet games
     * Custom loading screens per faction
     * Map and Faction preview
     * Multi-Player over LAN or Internet
     * Per Unit Particles.
     * Network game lobby chat mode (press enter to toggle on/off)
     * Support for multiple hosted servers through configurable TCP ports
     * Queued commands (hold CTRL key while queuing multiple commands)
     * Supported on most Linux distributions (32 and 64 bit) via 
universal full installer or data and binary packages.
     * Supported on Windows XP - Windows 7.
     * Enhanced map editor (with tooltips)
     * Enhanced G3D Model viewer (supports showing particles)
     * Enhanced LUA commands and scripting support
     * Command line options (type --help to see current options)
     * Additional Support for JPG, PNG and BMP textures for models
     * Full support for mod's via the mydata folder
     * Only loads the factions selected in game settings.


arnim rupp

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