Upload of Mame and Mess 0.144

Emmanuel Kasper emmanuel at libera.cc
Mon Dec 19 19:30:44 UTC 2011

> No. oldlibs for empty, transitional metapackages is abusing oldlibs and
> apparently ftpmaster agrees with me. I asked them on IRC the day the
> metapackages section was introduced and was told that yes, this is one of
> the uses intended for the new section.
> oldlibs would be GTK+1, Qt 3.x, etc., not every transitional metapackage.
> Lintian didn't help at all here, I know, but lintian isn't always right.
ok thanks for the explanations

>> Would you also agree to advocate me on the debian-newmaint
>> mailing list as a or do you think it is too early ?
> Wow, I forgot to do it already. It's _not_ early at all, it's just I'm
> really horribly busy and some things get off the radar. :)

Ok according the wiki ( http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMaintainer ) I
should first send an email to debian-newmaint, which you would reply
saying how great I was with the mame package :)

BTW has anyone seen http://mentors.debian.net/package/qmc2 ? that's a qt
based front end for mame and mess. The packaging code produces a working
binary, but the package could be improved, I have seen it has no man
pages, the binary for the mame front end is built via calling
"debian/rules install" (?)

qmc2 is rather the "kitchen sink" of emulator front end, having GUI
options for the numerous mame/mess options, not something simple to use
like gnome video arcade



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