Emmanuel Kasper emmanuel at libera.cc
Tue Jul 19 14:55:38 UTC 2011

> Manu, you just won a cookie! If I was in Banja Luka, I'd give you a good
> beer, but that will have to wait.
he he nice I love cookies :)

> Hopefully we'll have all arches build as soon as I upload -2.
> Feel free to commit whatever fixes you want in the next upload!
great I am happy to see we build on all arches ( actually I would never
have thought this would happen ! )

I would like in the future to work on getting the ressources files for
gnome-video-arcade. As we have seen history and nplayers have an
opensource license but the catver guy ( progettoemma ) don't wan't to
hear about any kind of license even the mame license.

So I see two ways to go further in that direction:
  * either we package the data files and distribute it outside of debian
( likes fedora does with their rpmfusion repository )
  * or we use a download script whose post install would download the
ressources ?

in any case, use of the data files need to be activated in the configure
step when building gnome video arcade

what is your opinion ?


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