MESS homework

Emmanuel Kasper emmanuel at
Wed May 18 09:35:56 UTC 2011

> Done too.
> Any testers, or comments? :)
> Jordi

Hello Jordi !

So I have been testing the Mess with package with some roms, an emulated
TO7-70 which was my first computer ( I tell you it had 64 kb RAM you
will guess to which generation I belong :)
It's working fine !

roms are here:

I have seen the package installs a broken symbolic link
/usr/share/games/mess/hash/megatech.xml, I think we can remove the
symlink creation for that file in debian/rules, as it that megatech.xml
is actually a mame file ( it is used to list the of supported games for
a sega megadrive arcade slot )


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