Bug#654615: yabause: FTBFS on armhf: uses softfp ABI by default, hardcoded asm.

Konstantinos Margaritis markos at genesi-usa.com
Wed Jan 4 15:59:08 UTC 2012

Package: yabause
Version: 0.9.11-1
Severity: normal

According to the build log:


yabause FTBFS on armhf. Initially I thought it was just a -mabi=softfp
set so I tried to rebuild it without the flag, but it still failed.
And then I realized that yabause has its own ARM asm routines
implemented using the softfp ABI -that is, the arguments are passed
manually using the softfp calling convention, essentially duplicating
the compiler's work in this manner. The file where this is implemented
is src/sh2_dynarec/linkage_arm.s.

This leads to the following comments:

* If this is enabled for Debian armel as well, it is not fit for the
port as Debian armel is armv4t and not armv7-a/cortex-a8 optimized.
armhf is more fit for this, but it's using a different ABI.
* The package has to either be changed to not use ARM asm for armhf
-tricky, lots of changes to the CMakeLists.txt needed- or better, the
asm files have to be extended to use the hardfp ABI as well, if
* If neither of these solutions is possible, then unfortunately we
would have to exclude armhf from the yabause arch list.

I guess this is something that should be forwarded upstream.



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