Patch for G-D-P to accept german Grim Fandango data files for ResidualVM

Alexandre Detiste alexandre.detiste at
Sun Jul 19 22:19:25 UTC 2015

Ok, thanks, so the german package can be built with both possible DATA003.LAB.

Maybe it's also the case for the en/fr/it packages & they should also
accept both (?)

"By the way, the 2007 version doesn't come with the nasty copy protection.
The unprotected DATA003.LAB still has the junk data from 1A572FD-24572FC,
that's why it it produces a different checksum."

Is this the invalid TOC stuff ?

Are both version ok to play ?


Can you also please provide checksums for license.txt & readme.txt ?

Without those, GDP would complain a lot that the .txt it will
find on german CD's didn't matched known files.

sha1sum are not needed, as these files are small &
I guess there is a theorical minimum size below which
it is impossible to find a md5 colision

> Also, this md5sum has been reported by other people, too:
> So, it seems to be correct for the German 2 CD version.

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