Sponsor wanted for mu-cade parsec47 tumiki-fighters and tatan

Peter De Wachter pdewacht at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 22:35:50 UTC 2016

Hello folks,

A new version of gdc was recently uploaded which broke a couple of our
D-based games. I've prepared new releases for mu-cade, parsec47,
tumiki-fighters and tatan in the subversion repository which should be
ready to upload.

Also, looking forward to Stretch+1, there's an important upcoming
issue regarding these packages. The D language people have announced
that they plan to remove the std.stream API from the D standard
library. Unfortunately, that API is used by all our D games. It will
still be available from the legacy "undeaD" library [1], but that's
not packaged. So if we want to keep these games post Stretch, we'll
have to find somebody who's familiar enough with the D ecosystem to
package and maintain undeaD.


[1] https://github.com/DigitalMars/undeaD

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