[Pkg-gmagick-im-team] Ends" Pacific Cong. Ch., to const. REV. E.C. EVANS L.M. 30.00 Saint Paul. H.B. Ay

Boeken Warns burred at frissebries.nl
Thu Jan 7 04:32:16 UTC 2010

 7.50 Iowa Woman's Home Missionary Union _for Woman's Work_: Dubuque.
L.M.S. 25.00 Dubuque. Y.L.B.S. 18.00 Des Moines. L.M.S. Plym. 5.27
Fairfield. W.M.S. 2.20 Lyons. L.M.S. 7.53 Magnolia. W.H.M.U. 4.25 Osage.
L.M.S. 3.20 Shenandoah. ---- 2.78 ------ 68.23 WISCONSIN, $165.09.
Beloit. Mrs. C.M. Nelson, Box of C., _for Sherwood, Tenn._ Clinton.
Cong. Ch. 37.18 Emerald Grove. "Friends" _for Marion, Ala._ 0.50 Lake
Geneva. Y.P.M. Soc., _for Student Aid, Fisk U._ 25.00 Leeds. Cong. Ch.
10.50 Milton. Cong. Ch. 5.00 Racine. Mrs. Canfield Sith 20.00 West
Salem. Cong. Ch. 4.00 Whitewater. Cong. Ch., 31.54; Sab. Sch. Cong. Ch.,
11.37 42.91 Windsor. Cong. 
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