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Fri Jan 15 15:06:42 UTC 2010

type.xml, ImageMagick would be able to use the system fonts.


It seems that we didn't saw that ImageMagick was already using the
system fonts PLUS the ghostscript ones (by explicitly including them
in type.xml) [it could be true that on 2006 ImageMagick didn't had
support for fontconfig, but now it has and it reads the system fonts]
So I was wrong in understanding that ImageMagick wasn't reading the fonts n=

One thing that I don't understand however (and if somebody knows why,
I would be grateful for an explanation) is why fontconfig/imagemagick
doesn't see the ghostscripts fonts (and why it's necessary to
explicitly include them in type.xml).

But well, from what I see, it's just necessary a new upload reverting the p=
Agreed on this?

Thank you very much!
And sorry for the mess.

Best regards,

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