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Fri Jan 15 15:06:42 UTC 2010

type.xml, ImageMagick would be able to use the system fonts.<br>
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=3D2&amp;t=3D15355" target=3D"_blank">
It seems that we didn&#39;t saw that ImageMagick was already using the<br>
system fonts PLUS the ghostscript ones (by explicitly including them<br>
in type.xml) [it could be true that on 2006 ImageMagick didn&#39;t had<br>
support for fontconfig, but now it has and it reads the system fonts]<br>
So I was wrong in understanding that ImageMagick wasn&#39;t reading the fon=
ts now.<br>
One thing that I don&#39;t understand however (and if somebody knows why,<b=
I would be grateful for an explanation) is why fontconfig/imagemagick<br>
doesn&#39;t see the ghostscripts fonts (and why it&#39;s necessary to<br>
explicitly include them in type.xml).<br>
But well, from what I see, it&#39;s just necessary a new upload reverting t=
he patch.<br>
Agreed on this?<br>
Thank you very much!<br>
And sorry for the mess.<br>
Best regards,<br>
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