[Pkg-gmagick-im-team] Bug#723698: imagemagick: /etc/mailcap display of image/svg+xml

Kevin Ryde user42 at zip.com.au
Sat Sep 21 04:06:00 UTC 2013

Bastien ROUCARIES <roucaries.bastien+imagemagick at gmail.com> writes:
> No documentation could be removed. We could directly test the svg plugin

File /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ImageMagick-6.7.7/modules-Q16/coders/svg.so
would have the tedium of needing the arch and version number worked in
but yes would be better.

I see "identify -list format" will report available formats.  It's not
in a particularly convenient style but perhaps there's something similar
where imagemagick can be asked nicely whether format XYZ is available.

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