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Wed Apr 27 22:54:33 UTC 2016

Hello dear,
My name is Henry Togo,
I am a consultant to the late billionaire business mogul, Antonio Fernandez. I hope you won’t be surprise to read this email, because it means only for the good purpose of his last wish.
Before he died, his last wish was that, 30% of his wealth be distributed to the poor people and the less privilege motherless children around the world. Ever since he died, all his wish has been accomplished, as we’ve done a good job locating some individuals who has been partnering with us to distribute these funds to the needy children according to the wish of late Antonio…and it is remaining a little of the amount which we're still ready to distribute. In this case, i would want to include your name in the cash reception and management, so that you can get $6,000,000.00 and we share it equal and you can invest my own share for me.
 I cannot be among the team that has shared over a USD40, 000,000.00 to different people around the world for charity purposes without having at least the above as I have just mentioned. This is not a personal help to me, it is not even illegal. It is a wish of the late billionaire. If you don't want to receive the fund for me and you to share, then i will include your name on the payment list as a friend, you will be giving USD500,000 so that you help share it to the less privilege children in your community, We cannot be everywhere at the same time. It is through individual that we're distributing these funds, and you have been my friend today. I will not have any problem including your name for this purpose ok.
 Feel free, there is nothing trouble here. The late billionaire died at 79, and the best we that are living can do for him is to keep to his entire wish while on earth, which I have stated herein this email. Every day is an opportunity in our lives, here is the opportunity today for us, and we should take a chance for it to materialize to our heart desires.
The world is a small place; you can meet your opportunity and great blessing any day any time from any part of this world, as long as you are focused.
Please, I would want you to be kind over this issue and treat me as your friend and make sure that you did not fail me on this deal.
You will have to receive this fund on trust with your pure heart, then I will meet you after for us to share it equal. Meanwhile, I would also like you to invest it for me under your care and business experience. Then I will take it from there.
Please I hope you can understand my position on this and treat with utmost urgency and honesty, as I make the necessary arrangement to perfect the remittance process.
Please, do not hesitate to let me know, if you have any thing you did not understand while reading.
Thanking you for your understanding cooperation.


Henry Togo

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