[Pkg-gmagick-im-team] Bug#981798: imagemagick breaks gscan2pdf autopkgtest: expected format changed

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Thu Feb 4 08:13:30 GMT 2021

Control: reassign 981798 src:imagemagick 8:

Hi Jeff,

On 03-02-2021 22:35, Jeff wrote:
> This is more or less a duplicate of #980202

Yes, I only discovered that one later, as it was already closed.

> To unblock gscan2pdf, in case -60 didn't fix things, I uploaded
> gscan2pdf-2.11.0-1 yesterday and replaced imagemagick with
> graphicsmagick for the tests in question.

Ack, reassigned accordingly.

> However, this doesn't solve the problem in imagemagick, which is
> described in #980202, and for which imagemagick upstream claims to have
> a solutions, but evidently doesn't.

No, but because you "removed" the test dependency, imagemagick will also
no longer be blocked by the gscan2pdf autopkgtest once gscan2pdf
migrates. The more important to have this bug report.


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