Bug#217859: Processed: Re: Bug#217859: Doesn't set the background

Christian Marillat Christian Marillat <marillat@debian.org>, 217859@bugs.debian.org
Tue, 04 Nov 2003 10:18:54 +0100

Christian Marillat <marillat@debian.org> writes:

>> /apps/nautilus/preferences/background_set
>> if set to true gnome-settings-daemon use nautilus to set the background

> Ok. The default value is false according to the nautilus schemas
> file and we can't delete some file in an user's dir. If the key is set
> to true it's due to some users' changes ... so, any solution ? Seems to
> not be really a bug if it's due to some modification from the user ...

I forgot in my prevoius e-mail, I'll add some words in the
control-center package how to remove nautilus gconf keys.

>> I think this is scheduled for GNOME 2.6 ?

> Probably ...

May be you can reassign this bug to gconf and forward to upstream ?