Bug#219767: gail: wrong FPI in gail-libgail-util-docs.sgml

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo Kalle Olavi Niemitalo <kon@iki.fi>, 219767@bugs.debian.org
Sun, 09 Nov 2003 00:58:07 +0200

clone 219767 -1
reassign -1 at-spi
retitle -1 at-spi: wrong FPI in at-spi-cspi-docs.sgml

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo <kon@iki.fi> writes:

> gail-1.4.1/docs/reference/libgail-util/gail-libgail-util-docs.sgml
> in the source tree begins like this:

Likewise at-spi-1.3.8/docs/reference/cspi/at-spi-cspi-docs.sgml
in at-spi 1.3.8-2.  However, the error doesn't prevent that
package from building.  (gtkdoc-mkhtml ignores errors from child
processes; is that a bug too?)