Bug#214893: Totem won't show for me either

Jacob Emcken Jacob Emcken <jacob@emcken.dk>, 214893@bugs.debian.org
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 00:36:01 +0100

I'm running Debian unstable and found Totem not working.
When I start i through the menu (Applications->Multimedian->Totem Movie 

I get a box in my Window List saying: "Starting Totem Movie Player".
After a few seconds the box dissapears. I can see the totem process is 
running in the background but no Totem interface :(
This happens for all users and I have tried to locate Totem 
configuration files in my home dir and deleted them.

mplayer (which I have installed from apt-get.org) works just fine.

I have been using XFree 4.3 packages from apt-get.org but downgraded to 
the packages in unstable (NOT experimental). Dunno how I can make sure 
that ALL old things are gone.
Though this hasn't helped :(

I have a Nvidia gfx card for which I have compiled my own driver with 
the Nvidia installer downloaded from Nvidias homepage (dunno if this 
could have anything to do with it)

I can make a strace but I didn't want to paste one into the email (the 
email is long enought allready ;-) )
Just say so if it would help you (or if I can do anything else)

Hope this can help